Buying tickets

You can buy festival tickets online, or by phone or in person from our Box Office.

Our Weekend Ticket provides the best value if you plan to be with us for the weekend – you save on admission and booking fees.

Buy online or tickets can also be purchased from our Box Office (Tourist Information Centre) on 01297 442138 or in person by visiting the Tourist Information Centre in Lyme Regis at 31 Church Street, DT7 3BS.

Please note: 14yrs + for events unless otherwise stated

When you can buy tickets

You can buy tickets online 24/7. Our Box Office operates seasonal opening hours – currently 10am-3pm (Mon-Sat) for telephone calls (01297 442138) and visits in person.

Booking fees

All our tickets are sold through ticket agents who charge a fee to sell tickets on our behalf. A fee will apply to all online purchases as well as to tickets bought over the telephone or in person – these fees may vary depending on the ticket agent. It covers agent fees and all card commissions.

Free tickets for personal assistants or carers

A number of free tickets are available for personal assistants or carers accompanying people who are registered disabled and could not attend events otherwise. This applies to all ticketed events except to the BBQ on 26 May and the Brunch on 27 May.

If you’re eligible and would like to take up the free carer’s ticket then you should book and pay for your own ticket first (along with any others in your group) through our Box Office on 01297 442138.

When booking your ticket, please indicate that you’d like a carer’s ticket and we’ll then contact you about your eligibility, and any other access requirements you have.

Weekend Ticket

The WEEKEND and DAY TICKETS groups together events to give you savings over and above what you’d pay if you were buying tickets singly.

The WEEKEND ticket includes:

  • all concerts at Marine Theatre on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Jazz Brunch on Monday – includes lunch


  • Equinor Big Band concert at Marine Theatre:
  • Jazz BBQ at Mariners Hotel – includes food


  • both concerts at Marine Theatre

Free events

This year there will be a rolling programme of free concerts on the seafront by local jazz and blues musicians. Although there is no charge – despite the fine talent on offer – please show your appreciation by making generous donations to the collection buckets. These donations help to cover the costs of staging these events including paying the musicians!