Music Making

microphone on beach

If you want to take part in making music over the weekend, then you can get involved in several ways.

We have a limited number of slots for paid performers. If you’d like to play at the festival, please submit details of who you are, what you do and your social media /online presence to moc.l1568806284iamg@1568806284zzaje1568806284myl1568806284.

PLUS upload a digital sample (one sample only please) of your music to SoundCloud.

I may not be able to respond to every submission personally – sorry – but I will listen to everything sent to me.

Free Slots – in and around town

You can still shine by playing in and around the town in exchange for donations. It’s one way you’ll get noticed and enjoy the vibe. If you’re interested contact us at moc.l1568806284iamg@1568806284zzaje1568806284myl1568806284.

Busking Festival

B Sharp

Come and take part in B Sharp’s Busking Festival on Saturday 25th May. This annual event, is delivered in partnership with Jazz Jurassica, by the nationally acclaimed youth music charity, B Sharp, based in Lyme Regis. It welcomes musicians and audiences of all ages to celebrate and share music along the seafront and throughout the town.

Last year’s event drew big crowds and many musicians, young and not-so-young, to create a day-long festival of music. Find out more about times, locations and how you can book your place on the B Sharp website.